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50" Polaria by Varpauu
4 Shaft (Direct Tieup) Floor Loom
 REDUCED! $600

Includes Bench, 10 dent reed, originally instructions and lease sticks.
Over all dimensions 59" wide 41" deep 39" high

Comments: This loom has a geared brake making it perfect for rugs. The wood is in beautiful condition. The bench is adjustable. Very nice and a good price.

Comment: This loom is in very nice condition,great for rugs.

 Nilas Leclerc 4 Harness 38" Floor Loom

This Loom is complete with a package of etxras Bench with storage, 5 Dent SS reed, Swift, Raddle, Lease sticks, 2 Boat shuttles and a dozen bobbins, Threading hook and books.

90" Edward and Tilman 8 Harness Floor Loom 

The maker was Edwards Studios in El Rito, CA and the design was by Jack Edwards. More information is coming about what else will be included in this studio package. The loom is currently in California and is being shipped to the East Coast, anyone interested in this loom before it is shipped should contact the studio. Pricing on the whole studio package to be determined once all the details are received.  Handcrafted 8 shaft 12 treadle solid cherry.  Every piece on this loom top of the line. Jack Edwards says if built today it would cost $20,000.
Purrington 8 Shaft Table Loom

A great loom for workshops or just sampling new 8 shaft patterns. The auto release bar makes ready for the next set of levers and their position in the front is much easier to see. The loom is in clean condition ready to warp. Missing the warp beam crank.

This Purrington is from East Denis, Mass
Well marked levers

Leclerc 50 yd Warping Reel

This reel winds 4 yards per complete revolution.  Even for short warps it’s much faster! Sturdily built of maple, the sides fold together for easy storage

100cm (39+") Ideal Glimakra Floor Loom 
Four shaft six treadle counter balanced floor loom including bench, 4 SS reeds, lease sticks, raddle, temple shaft stabilizers and ample warping sticks. Completely restrung with Texsolv Comment: This loom is in very good working condition, sturdy and clean.

36" Harrisville Designs 4 Shaft Floor Loom

HD Direct Tie-up with a 12 dent reed in clean condition.
Folds up easily and compact.
Comments: I rarely have these looms for long and this is a great price. The loom is clean and only would want some fresh ribbon for the front and back rods and there is a variety of heddles which we can swap. The cords for the shafts are being replaced with Texsolv.

45" Nilus Leclerc 4 Harness Floor Loom


This loom comes with a warping board, brand new heddles (500), aprons and an 8 dent
SS Reed. It has both Leclerc tools , the crank, a shuttle w/bobbin two threading hooks and three weaving books and the Manual for this model.

Comment: The loom arrived completely apart which gave us an opportunity to clean and polish all the wood. It is in very good condition stored most of it's life having be passed down from owner to friend who never wove on it. We will put the aprons on before it goes.

22" Leclerc Medico 8 Shaft Table Loom
with Floor stand and 10 Treadle Attachment

Designed to provide troops retuning home with occupational therapy, the Medico today continues to have great value. Operates by lever or treadle it can go to workshops as a table loom and in the home accommodate children and adults with it's versatility and adjustable floor stand. Included with the loom are three brand new reeds (9, 12, 15) lease sticks plenty of tie-up cords, the Leclerc tool for maintenance, extra heddles.

Comment: arrived dressed with a four shaft straight twill warp and cone of weft material. There is some stiffness but a little work should return it to smooth operating condition. We have not as yet worked it as an 8 shaft.


Norwood 50" 6 Shaft 8 Treadle
Solid Cherry Floor Loom

This loom does fold up it has a sectional warp beam and comes with a spool rack, 2 reeds, lease sticks, boat shuttle and bobbins manual, many shuttles, bobbins, extra tie up chains. 

Comment: Well priced very clean and in good working order


Glimakra Ideal Loom
 4H Countermarch/Counterbalance


This loom is100 centimeters (39+”). The loom comes with the bench, 2 reeds, Texsolv tie-up cord and pegs, rubber feet, 2 stick shuttles, Pulley and Horses for Counterbalance and a copy of the book “Tying up the Countermarch Loom.”

This loom is as always in good working order. A small amount of age but not at all objectionable.
The heddles are original

and may be replaced with new to give it a fresh look



Harrisville Designs 36" 4H Floor Loom

This package includes all the essentials: Adjustable Bench, 4 Reeds 6,8,10,15 dent, Tool Tray, Raddle, Lease Sticks, 4 Boat Shuttles & 12  Bobbins, Rag Shuttle, Stick Shuttle, Temple.
 Extra Tie Up Chains, Extra Heddles, Threading Hook.
Comment: This loom is in new conditon and a great value with all the extras.

Studio Package
Leclerc Compact 24" 4 Shaft Floor Loom
This Studio Package has it all! The loom is a 4 Shaft Now 4 Shaft Later Model. 
It would be easier to list what is does not come with.
Bench, three reeds 8, 10. Boat, Ski, Stick and Rag Shuttles. 600 Heddles, Lease Sticks, Raddle.
Yes it even has the crank!
In addition there is a Beka 4 1/2 " Warping Board, Erlandsen Design Warping Reel and Multiple Cone Holder. Also many little extras like a Bobbin winder, Ball winder temple, fringe twister....
Not to mention the collection of Books and CDs all current and 10+ years of Handwoven Magazine.
Yes there is more... Boxes and Boxes of Cones of Yarn mostly cottons.
Comment This is a nice package well priced and everything is in excellent condition, a must see!
Nilas Leclerc 4 Harness 38" Floor Loom Package


Not Just the Loom. This is a package with so many great extras.
 Four reeds (6,8,12,18), one boat shuttle six bobbins, 18” ski shuttle, 20” stick shuttle, threading hook. Leclerc tool, weights and extra cord, Nilas Leclerc bobbin winder, cone winder with two cones, warping paddle, large Leclerc warping board, lease sticks. Assortment of Books including Anne Dixon’s Handweaver’s Pattern Directory and Mary Black Key to Weaving Assortment of cotton and Rayon Boucle yarns.


Northwest Looms "Frieda" 8 Shaft Table Loom

This Loom is brand new 18" weaving width and comes with 12 dent open top reed, HD warping board. Glimakra swift, lease sticks, HD tension device.

Comments: Beautiful finish the loom features an open top reed for easy sleying and resetting e.p.i during weaving. Three beater positions. great for workshops.  


Tapestry Loom

Dimensions over all 21" w x 33" h

Comment: More information is needed to price this loom All liturature is in Swedish.
Please let us know if you have information or interest in this loom